Yin and Yang: A Taoist Yoga Retreat
January 4 - 10, 2006
Location: Kalani , Hawaii
With: Paul Grilley

Join us for a week of Yoga and Meditation practice. Twice daily Yoga practice, Chakra meditation and philosophical inquiry complemented with free time, delicious meals, and a beautiful environment.

Paul Grilley spends the bulk of his time lecturing on Anatomy and presenting the Chakra Theories of Dr. Motoyama. This retreat is a chance to go deeper into the theory and practice of these meditation techniques. It is an opportunity to remove ourselves from our daily distractions and spend time dedicated to spiritual practice.

In the Taoist spirit this retreat will be a balance of practice and theory, movement and stillness.

Leave the pressures of daily life, take a pause, and retreat to the Big Island, Hawaii for six days and seven nights of extraordinary renewal and relaxation through yoga exploration with Terri Cotts and Tracey Coddington.

Tracey and Terri are masters at guiding students in how to feel into a yoga pose and make it their own. They will help you stretch your boundaries from within so you may find a more spacious sense of self and a more inspired way of practicing your yoga. They will explore ways to open the energy pathways of your body so you will feel refreshed and renewed. This week is sure to be inspiring, enlivening, restorative, and above all filled with delight.

Explore the miracle that happens when you say YES to life!"

Phone: 1-800-800-6886 Ext 107 or (808) 965-0468 Ext 107
Web: www.PaulGrilley.com
Link: http://www.kalani.com/learn/A_Taoist_Yoga_Retreat_Paul_Grilley.htm
e-mail: programs@kalani.com

Essence of Iyengar
January 7 – 15 2006
With: Jan Watson's
Location: Mission Beach , Australia

Delve deeper into your yoga postures, learn to let go and release the tensions in your body....while enjoying a holiday in paradise. Jan Watson's clarity of instruction will inspire you to feel and evolve the subtle connections throughout the physical asanas, thus allowing your body's energy to flow. With true Iyengar focus and teaching excellence you will strengthen and stretch muscles correctly, which in turn allows your breath to flow in your newly opened inner body. Dynamic morning practises, afternoon restorative & breath sessions benefit the whole being making the intricate, yet subtle connections of mind, body and breath.

Phone: 1-800 -777 -012
Web: http://www.sanctuaryatmission.com
Link: http://www.sanctuaryatmission.com/yogaretreats/JanWatson2006.htm
e-mail: yoga@sanctuaryretreat.com.au

Yoga In Paradise with Lynne Minton (Levels 1 & 2)
January 7 - 14, 2006
Location: Kalani , Hawaii
With: Lynne Minton

This week of Hatha Yoga includes a strong asana practice in the morning of 2 ¼ hours, and a 1.5 hour restorative class in the afternoon. The afternoon class is comprised of supported postures, inversions, pranayama and meditation. Evening yoga sutras presentation, chanting, and local entertainment will fill out the program.

This workshop is intended for students who have been practicing yoga for at least six months.

Phone: (907) 248-1965
Web: http://www.kalani.com
Link: http://www.kalani.com/learn/Yoga_in_Paradise_with_Lynne_Minton_1.htm
e-mail: minton@alaska.net

Somatic Yoga at Any Age
January 14 – 21, 2006
Location: Kalani , Hawaii
With: Sondra Fraleigh

Discover the healing power of yoga in the rejuvenating tranquility ofParadise. Experience a deeper connection to nature and others through movement, breath, and meditation. Sondra Fraleigh's somatic vision of yoga creates an atmosphere of discovery, allowing us to let go of ordinary judgments and expectations. When we move in tune with our intuitions, our movement can surprise us with its beauty and awkwardness-- and we can celebrate ourselves without censure. We can say "yes" to the deep wisdom of our body.

Phone: (585) 637-6043
Web: www.brockport.edu/~dance/somatics/index.htm
Link: http://www.kalani.com/learn/Somatic_Yoga_at_Any_Age.htm
e-mail: eastwest@frontiernet.net

Yoga and Meditation
January 28 - February 3, 2006
Sayulita , Mexico
With: Troy Lucero

Expand and enhance your yoga practice with a week of Ashtanga practice with Troy Lucero. Troy 's casual style combines patience with a deep understanding of the centuries-old practice. Years of training with some of the nations best Ashtanga teachers, as well as months spent studying in India with Pattabhi Jois, have given Troy the ability to assess and understand each student's unique body and yoga level.His pertinent adjustments and attention to important details have a positive and lasting influence on every student's practice. There will be two daily practices. The morning (not crack of dawn…let's be civilized) practice will focus on technique and include sitting meditation. The late afternoon practice will concentrate on the flowing traditional series. The remainder of the day is left for fun in the sun and shade. The retreat is open to students with fundamentals and beyond.

Phone: 1-800-603-YOGA (9642)
Web: http://www.viayoga.com
Link: http://www.viayoga.com/dates/index.html#scottchandraandsam
e-mail: info@viayoga.com

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